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bindery book binding services
CBBAG Bindery at Ward Street
Photo: Susan Corrigan
bindery book binding services
Cartonnage: A Rounded Box workshop
led by CBBAG instructor Fabriana Salvador

bindery book binding services
Ottaw Valley Chapter
Book Cloth Workshop

Photo: Madeleine Rousseau

book binderys, bindery supplies
Bookbinding I
Photo: Brian F. Summers
leather tooling gold leaf
Hand Tools

Photo: Brian F. Summers
old english calligraphy alphabet
CBBAG Instructor Dan Mezza
teaching Bookbinding II

handmade leather book binding
Historic Book

Photo: Brian F. Summers
type setting
japanese calligraphy
Paste Brushes
Photo: Brian F. Summers

CBBAG Instructor
Betsy Palmer Eldridge

Photo: Brian F. Summers
celtic lettering, chinese calligraphy
Photo: Brian F. Summers
gold leaf handmade paper
Foil Tooling

Photo: Brian F. Summers
lettering for book covers
CBBAG Instructor
Don Taylor

Photo: Brian F. Summers
endbands, coloring pages
Learning to make

Photo: Brian F. Summers
how to do marbling on textiles
CBBAG Instructor
Louise Granahan

Photo: The Crayon Group
Pop-up, history of typography
Pop-Up Workshop
with Carol Barton

Photo: Brian F. Summers
paring leather book covers
Paring Leather
Photo: Brian F. Summers
endbands, boards for bookbinding
Tying up Bands
Photo: Brian F. Summers
paper marbling for kids
Ebru - Paper Marbling Workshop
Photo: Anna Prior

BC Island Chapter Workshops
BC Lower Mainland Chapter Workshops
Calgary Chapter Workshops
Ottawa Valley Chapter Workshops
Saskatchewan Chapter Workshops
SW Ontario Chapter Workshops
Greater Toronto Area In-studio Workshops & Courses

Registration forms for Toronto In-studio courses can be found on the Workshop Updates page, where you will also find the current status of all upcoming workshops. Please be sure to check the Workshop Updates page, before registering for a Toronto course. For other chapter course, please check with the chapter contacts.

General information and short instructor biographies are listed at the end of this page.

The Greater Toronto Area In-Studio courses are held at the CBBAG bindery, as well as other locations in Toronto. The CBBAG bindery is located at 80 Ward Street, Ste. 207 (Landsdowne/Dupont Area). Other course locations' addresses can be found with the course descriptions.

CBBAG also has an Itinerant Teachers Programme, which puts CBBAGinstructors in touch with local organizers. Click here for full details.

In addition to its In-Studio courses, CBBAG has a Home Study Programme. Click here for information on the Home Study Programme.

CBBAG Chapter Workshops:

To register for chapter workshops, please contact the chapters directly, using the contact information provided below.

CBBAG BC Islands Chapter Workshops:

For information about BC Islands workshops, please visit

CBBAG BC Lower Mainland Chapter Workshops:

(Please visit back for workshop information.)

CBBAG Calgary Chapter Workshops:

(Please visit back for workshop information.)

CBBAG Ottawa Valley Chapter Workshops:

For information about CBBAG Ottawa Valley, including full list of workshops, visit the OV Chapter website:

Upcoming Workshop:
Bookbinding 101
Learn the basics of bookbinding in this one-day workshop organized by the Ottawa Valley Chapter of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG). You will learn the terms used in bookbinding, familiarize yourself with the tools, and create samples of simple books, including stitched pamphlets, accordion fold and Japanese stab stitching. Materials, safety issues, and different styles of bookbinding will be discussed. You will go home with at least five finished books.
Date: Saturday, September 13, 2014
Instructor: Spike Minogue
Workshop cost: $70 CBBAG members, $80 non-members
Material fee: $15 (paid in cash to instructor at workshop)
Location: Routhier Community Centre (Craft Room)
172 Guigues Avenue, Ottawa
Time: 10h00 to 16h30
To register:
Registration deadline: Thursday, August 28, 2014 at noon
For more information about CBBAG Ottawa Valley Chapter:

CBBAG Saskatchewan Chapter Workshops:

Visit for workshop information

CBBAG SW Ontario Chapter Workshops:

For more information about SW Ontario workshops, contact the Chapter representative: click here..

CBBAG Greater Toronto Area In-Studio Workshops and Courses

FALL 2014

Beyond the Scroll Case
Instructor: Don Taylor
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: New Dates: Saturday & Sunday, September 27 & 28
Hours: 10:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.
Course Fee: $170 members / $230 non-members
Materials Fee: $20.00 payable to the instructor
Prerequisite: BB1 or permission of instructor
       Scroll cases are traditionally tubular in shape and are built up in layers of thin board over a cylindrical form to create 2 smoothly interlocking pieces that result in an airtight container offering protection against fire, flood and other calamities. But if you change the shape of the base form this way of working can be extended to create small, elegant, leather-trimmed boxes with tightly fitted lids that work in a variety of contexts. Do your cufflinks need a proper home? Are you at your wit's end for a light, highly protective travelling jewellery box? Or do you just need something for your scroll collection? This is a low-tech method that yields beautiful results.

Secret Belgian Binding
Instructor: Louise Granahan
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration:1 days, Sat. October 4
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Course Fee: $ 95.00 members & non-members
Materials Fee: $20.00 payable to instructor
Prerequisite: Some bookbinding, boxmaking, or sewing experience ot permission of the instructor.
       This one day workshop introduces an historical binding attributed to the Belgians. Many options are available in the decoration of the book. This binding yields an attractive and very sturdy book with a decorative pattern of coloured waxed linen threads on the spine.

Visiting Artist Workshop
Two Variations in Miniature: Full Leather With and Full Leather Over- An Exposed Spine
Instructor: Gabrielle Fox
Location:CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 2 days Saturday October 18 & Sunday October 19
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
. Course Fee: $325 members / $385 non-members
Materials Fee: TBD
Prerequisite: BB3 or permission of the instructor
        The first full leather miniature binding you will complete is a multi-sectioned binding in which every section is sewn separately into the binding. The second full leather miniature binding you will complete is a variation on this exposed sewing structure with a full leather spine that protects the stitching and creates a natural combination of tight back and hollow all in one structure.
       Based on Project 9 in The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books, these variations provide the strength and flexibility of a tight backed book. The second structure also provides the case of a hollow tube. The full leather spine can be titled or decorated as in a traditional full leather binding.
        The delight of this structure is the ease with which it opens, closes and the possible variations that can be used for both design and conservation binding. Beginning with the simpler version (exposed spine) is an interesting progression to understanding the strengths of the second version ( covered spine).
       You will complete 2 full leather miniature bindings with leather onlays, if you choose, in this two day class.

The Magic and Potential of Folded Bookforms
Instructor: Cherryl Moote
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 2 Saturdays, October 25 & November 1
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course Fee: $185.00 members / $245.00 non-members
Materials Fee: $35.00
Prerequisite: none
       A fold is a magical thing. With just one crease a flat piece of paper is transformed and on its way to becoming a new creation. This two day workshop will explore many ways that book structures can be created with just folds and cuts. We will be creating books with no glue and no sewing! Over the course of the weekend students will create samples of ten books which demonstrate the sculptural and often magical potential of paper and book folding.

Bookbinding 2
Instructor: Don Taylor
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 6 days, Sundays, Oct. 26, Nov. 2, 9,16, 23 & 30
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course Fee: $510 members / $570 non-members
Materials Fee: $40.00 payable to instructor
Prerequisite: BB1 or permission of instructor
       This six day course introduces intermediate techniques, such as rounding and backing and sewn end bands, necessary for traditional binding structures. Participants will sew two models, completing one as a German case binding and the other as either a Bradel or split board binding.

Letterpress Printing at Massey
Instructor: Nelson Adams & Elisa Tersigni
Location: Massey College Print Shop
        4 Devonshire Place
Duration: 2 days, Saturday & Sunday November 15 & 16
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course Fee: $210.00 members / $270.00 non-members
Materials Fee: $25.00 payable to the instructors
Prerequisite: none
        In this two-day workshop, each participant will design and print a small edition of a greeting card, using movable type and our collection of Victorian printing presses. No prior experience is necessary; the workshop is open to all levels. The perfect chance to print your own limited-edition holiday cards! Please note: this workshop is limited to four participants."

Coptic Bindings
Instructor: Louise Granahan
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 day, Saturday November 22
Hours: 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
Course Fee: $ 95.00 members & non-members
Materials Fee: $15.00 payable to instructor
Prerequisite: none
       This one day course will give participants the opportunity to make a very early book form, developed in North Africa in the 4th century with exposed sewing and wooden covers.

Introduction to Woodblock Printing
Instructor: Louise Granahan
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: 1 day, Sat. December 6
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Course Fee: $ 95.00 members & non-members
Materials Fee: $20.00 payable to instructor
Prerequisite: none
       Spend the morning carving designs into basswood using Japanese carving tools. In the afternoon, we will print our designs onto different types of paper. Take home your carvings, which you can use over and over again!
You will also have the option of printing a set of holiday cards. No carving or printing experience necessary.

Handmade Gifts
Instructor: Fabiana de Mattos Salvador
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: Sunday December 7
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course Fee: $95.00 members & non-members
Materials Fee: $15.00 payable to instructor
Prerequisite: none
       Just in time for holiday gift making, 4 small size cartonnage projects to share with family and friends. In this workshop we’ll make a picture frame, a clipboard, a luggage tag and a key tray. It is going to be a day of fun and you’ll be able to cross 4 gifts from your list!

Hot Foil Stamping Book Spines and Labels with the Kwikprint Machine
Instructor: Art Seto
Location: CBBAG Bindery
Duration: Saturday December 13
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Course Fee: $85.00 members /$145.00 non-members
Materials Fee: $15.00 payable to instructor
Prerequisite: none
        In this workshop you will learn to use the easy to learn and operate Kwikprint hot foil stamping machine available in the CBBAG bindery as a way of adding very attractive elements to a book cover. Different foils (metallic foil versus opaque colour pigment) react differently on different substrates (paper, fabric and leather). Learning to apply the correct temperature, pressure and dwell time are the key to producing beautiful book spines and labels.Every student will have some time to practice on the Kwikprint. Feel free to bring your own samples for foil stamping.

* The non-member fee includes one year's membership in CBBAG. It is to be paid on the first workshop only. To qualify for the member rate, members must be current individual, family, or student members of CBBAG.

General Information


Applications for workshops should be sent in writing by mail to the CBBAG office, 80 Ward Street, Suite 207, Toronto ON M6H 4A6.
You may also submit the online registration form over CBBAG's secure web server.

Workshop fees may be paid by MasterCard, Visa, American Express or cheque. Cheques may be post-dated up to one week before commencement of the course.

Registration forms can be found on the Workshop Updates page, where you will also find the current status of all upcoming workshops.

Acceptance to workshops is assigned on a chronological basis.

Acknowledgment of registration will be sent by post or e-mail; if you have not received your acceptance one week prior to the start of the workshop, please inform the Workshop Registrar at or phone 416-581-1071.

Receipts are available upon request.

CBBAG is pleased to discuss organizing additional workshops; please contact the office.

Any allergies or other environmental sensitivities should be mentioned when applying.

Participants needing overnight accommodations should inquire when applying; some members rent rooms to CBBAG students for a modest fee.


Cancellations, subject to a 10% cancellation fee (a minimum of $5), will be accepted until two weeks prior to the workshop; thereafter the full fee will be forfeited. Membership fees are not refundable.

CBBAG reserves the right to cancel workshops two weeks prior to their commencement due to insufficient enrollment; workshop fees for cancelled workshops will be fully refunded.


Workshops are limited to eight participants, and run from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, unless otherwise noted in the course descriptions.

Participants are responsible for arriving on time at the correct location; call the CBBAG office if directions are needed.

Materials fees are paid to the instructor at the beginning of a workshop.

Tools and materials are supplied at the workshop, unless otherwise noted; participants may also bring their own tools if they wish.

Participants should plan to bring a picnic lunch.

Due to the intensive nature of CBBAG workshops, it is not possible to make up missed days; fees cannot be refunded.

CBBAG instructors have the right to dismiss disruptive students; fees cannot be refunded.

Photography is permitted only for personal use; otherwise, permission must be obtained in writing from CBBAG.

CBBAG gives a "certificate of completion" on completion of all six of the core courses, whether In-Studio or the Monitoring Stream courses in the Home Study programme. The 6 are Bookbinding I, Bookbinding II (including Endpapers), and Bookbinding III (including Introduction to Leather), Restoration & Repair, Finishing, and Paper Treatments for Binders (note: Paper Treatments for Binders is only available as an in-studio workshop). This is not a formal accreditation. However, CBBAG has had students who were already working in conservation jobs who started back at the beginning with CBBAG, completed the 6 courses, and were extremely pleased with the mass of material they had learned and found it extremely useful in their work.

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild is pleased to organize workshops in other localities but must have a local organizer. If interested contact

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Pam Belshaw has studied marbling with CBBAG’s Shelagh Smith, Lucie Lapierre, Iris Nevin, and Salim Sahin. She is eager to share her passion and knowledge for marbling.

Gabrielle Fox is a bookbinder based in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. She is a designer binder and book conservator intrigued with miniature bookbinding of both old and new books. Her continuing research into the history of miniature binding structures has become a long-term project since being awarded an Everett Helm Fellowship from the Lily Library in Bloomington, Indiana. In the 1980’s she taught throughout England and worked from her studio in Sussex before returning to Ohio in 1990. She travels to care for collections and teach and her work is represented in many public and private libraries. Gabrielle is the author of The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books and is getting closer to the publication of her history of Larkspur Press.

Louise Margaret Granahan has been a CBBAG instructor for 10 years. She has a PhD. in multicultural children's literature from OISE/UT and has a Master of Divinity from Emmanuel College, U of T. Louise has written 2 books as well as many poems and academic articles.

Stuart Hill has studied bookbinding with CBBAG under the guidance of Betsy Palmer Eldridge, Don Taylor, Dan Mezza, and Rose Newlove. With a background in engineering and architecture, his keen interest is in the discovery of book structures. Please visit Stuart’s website:

Fabiana de Mattos Salvador works with design and development of objects made with cardboard and covered by fabric (the technique called cartonnage) since 2005. “I enjoy the endless possibilities of mixing materials and techniques to create unique pieces. I’ve also been teaching some of my projects which gives me the opportunity to share what I discovered during my work and meet great people who love handmade products and techniques.

Liz Menard is a Toronto-based printmaker, visual artist, and educator. Her practice includes drawing, painting, and printmaking. “My interest is in landscape and how our perception of the landscape helps us define who we think we are. I am particularly drawn to water – especially fens, bogs, streams, rivers and lakes as well as the life these systems support. However, I am increasingly concerned about not only our water, but the native plant species and wildlife which our water systems sustain. Like our environment, these things need to be cared for, protected, and nurtured. Please visit Liz’s website:

Cherryl Moote has been a paper artist for over thirty years. Her specialities include bookbinding, calligraphy, card making, rubber stamping and paper surfacing. Cherryl has taught throughout North America and has published a series of books for paper enthusiasts. Cherryl’s company, Moote Points Inc., will be releasing a new book in the fall of 2011 which is called Fold. Grateful for the impact of many artistic mentors, she devotes a large part of her career to teaching, inspiring, connecting with and coaching other artists around the world. Cherryl's natural teaching talent shines through in all her materials, allowing you to learn new techniques with maximum enjoyment and success. To see samples of Cherryl’s work go to her company website and visit the gallery sections.

Rose Newlove is a graduate of the Fleming College conservation program and works as a book and paper conservator in Toronto. She has studied bookbinding at CBBAG with Don Taylor and Betsy Palmer Eldridge and at the American Academy of Bookbinding, conservation stream, with Don Etherington.

Art Seto teaches binding and finishing at Ryerson University and in 2012 he was chosen from 100 peers to receive the Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award. He began bookbinding in 1981 as part of a binding and finishing apprenticeship. He has been involved with CBBAG for the past few years as the Events Director, and has taken workshops from Don Taylor, Betsy Palmer Eldridge, Rose Newlove, Louise Granhan, as well as at the Visual Skills Workshop (VSW) in Rochester.

Don Taylor is a bookbinder and restorer who works and teaches in Toronto. He was trained in bookbinding and design at Sheridan College and the Three Schools of Art and has studied with Betsy Palmer Eldridge. His work is exhibited widely and is represented in public and private collections across Canada. He has taught for CBBAG since 1984.

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