Kindred Spirits: FAQs

Q. Is this exhibition open to CBBAG members?

A. Yes, the Kindred Spirits exhibition is open to all CBBAG members - from Canada, the US, or other International locations.  We encourage all to register!

Q. What if I am not a CBBAG member, can I still enter?

A. The Kindred Spirits exhibition is only open to CBBAG members; but if you are not a member, CBBAG has made it easy to join (or rejoin)!  In the Registration & Registration Guidelines page, you will find Fee Type 2 and Fee Type 4 are geared toward Non-Members. Those Fee Types include a 1-year membership with CBBAG. This means a non-member can register for the exhibition and through the registration fee, automatically becomes a member!   

Q. The mailing instructions for Canadians seem complicated. What if I make a mistake?

A. For the Kindred Spirits exhibition, the mailing instructions for Canadians are much simplier than it might appear.  Please make sure you follow the instructions carefully. It starts with picking up a Flat Rate box from your local post office in either the extra-small or the small size, whichever size best fits your project. On the Canada Post flat rate box, complete the "To" portion of the address label. Place your project along with the Submission Form in the flat rate box, but seal only one end. Use strong tape, and secure the opposite end of the box. Wrap the box in durable brown or kraft paper. Address the paper-wrapped box according to the mailing instructions you received when you registered. Take the box to your local post office and mail it. It's that simple! For complete instructions, please refer to the Mailing Instructions web page.

Q. If I want to pay my Registration Fee by credit card, what do I do?

A.If you want to Register for the Kindred Spirits exhibition using a credit card, then contact CBBAG by e-mail at and request an e-invoice. This will allow you to make an online payment by Visa or MasterCard through CBBAG's secure server.  On this request, please also indicate your Fee Type (1,2,3, or 4). For Canadians, however, you are strongly encouraged to pay by e-transfers (no security question required)!

You can also register online by clicking here.

Q. Can I use PayPal or Apple Pay to register for the exhibition?

A. CBBAG only accepts e-transfers (Canada only, preferred payment for Canadian residents), credit cards (Visa or Master Card), or cheques for payment of Registration Fees. Cheques in US funds are also accepted.

Q. I can't seem to fill out the Submission Form online. How can I submit this along with my registration?

A. The Submission Form is not part of the electronic registration process for the Kindred Spirits exhibition. Registration happens at the time of payment. The Submission Form is to be used later when you mail your project for jury selection. Simply print the Submission Form, complete it by hand, and include it in the box along with your project. 

Contact Info

Please direct your questions about the exhibition to Barbara Helander, Exhibition Coordinator,

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