Volunteering with CBBAG

The participation of volunteers is essential to the operation of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild. CBBAG values its volunteers who give their time, creativity, and support to achieve CBBAG’s mission. CBBAG encourages individual integrity, commitment, reliability, initiative, and cooperation. Volunteers are expected to meet their commitment to participate in and/or provide support for specific programmes or activities.

Volunteering with CBBAG has many benefits: 
  • share your passion for the book arts 
  • network opportunities
  • put your skills to good use and learn new ones
  • share experiences
  • accomplish great things 

The easiest way to get involved is by joining CBBAG and getting involved at the regional chapter level. There are many events throughout the year that require help on a short term basis such as the book arts gatherings, exhibitions, community events, etc. 

In addition to these, there are other opportunities for current CBBAG members that require a longer commitment such as committee and board work. Please contact president@cbbag.ca for further information

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