CBBAG Southwestern Ontario Chapter

The CBBAG Southwestern Ontario Chapter welcomes anyone residing in the region who is interested in learning about bookbinding and related book arts.  All current members of CBBAG who reside in southwestern Ontario automatically become members of the CBBAG Southwestern Ontario Chapter. Others may join by expressing interest (no fee for Chapter membership).

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          Chapter Executive                                               

  •                President: Nancy Latchford
  •                Vice-President: Cheryl Wallace                                             
  •                Secretary & Treasurer: Jan Van Fleet                            


Your contact person for the Southwestern Ontario Chapter is Jan Van Fleet who can be reached at cbbagswo@gmail.com

Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting

Send us an email to let us know which courses/workshops are of interest to you. As details are finalized for each activity, all Chapter members and others who express interest will be sent full descriptions, dates, fees and registration forms.

CBBAG Core Courses, taught by Dan Mezza, will be offered as demand warrants. Which course you would like to take next: Bookbinding I, Bookbinding II, Bookbinding III, Finishing, Restoration & Repair, Paper Treatments for Bookbinders?

Schedule of Activities 2016

 Unless otherwise noted, workshops, courses, and activities take place in London, Ontario.


Forthcoming Events in 2016                                     

November 5-7 and           Bookbinding II - Dan Mezza - London

                   12-14                Prerequisite: Bookbinding I and current membership in CBBAG


November 19, 2016         Annual General Meeting [details to be announced]

In addition to the activities listed above, the Journal Group meets once a month (except in July, August, December), and the Alternative Book Forms Group meets approximately every six weeks.

Events so far in 2016

January                         Relief Printing Workshop - Eva Przybyla, instructor - 3 days

January                          Bookbinding I in Windsor, Ontario - Dan Mezza, instructor - 6 days
March 5                            Meeting at Cardinal Carter Library, King's University College, London,
                                          starting at 1:30 p.m.   A talk by Dan Mezza on the history of the book, making use of his

                                          own historical models and examples from the library's Eaton Collection.               


April                               Bookbinding I - Dan Mezza, instructor - 6 days                                                   


April 30                           Wayzgoose - Annual Bookarts Fair, Grimsby, Ontario
May 7 + 8                       Introduction to Leather - Dan Mezza, instructor - 2 days

                                           Prerequisite: Bookbinding I

July 1-3                          Protective Enclosures - Dan Mezza - 2 classes of 3 days each
& July  9-11                   Prerequisite: Bookbinding I   

August 17-18                    Marbled Paper - Cooperative Workshop

October 7                          Planning Meeting, London

Plans for 2017

Date to be announced    Wire-Bound book - Nancy Latchford

April 29                            Wayzgoose 2017 - Grimsby, Ontario

Spring                               Miniature Leather-Covered Book  - James Spyker, Guest Instructor

                                            A one  day workshop. Prerequisite: Some experience working with leather (e.g., Introduction to Leather)


The following local businesses provide discounts to members of CBBAG upon presentation of a current CBBAG membership card:

  • Bijan's Art Studio, Inc., 673 Richmond Street, London, ON - 10% discount on regular priced items (and sometimes additional discounts)
  • Curry's Art Store, 9 Southdale Road E. (Southdale at Wharncliffe S.), London, ON - 10% discount on regular priced items.

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