Contact CBBAG

If you have questions about CBBAG or would like to contact someone in a specific service or programme area, email is the best way to contact CBBAG. Please see further down the page for a list of e-mail addresses. 

CBBAG's mailing address is:

Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild

82809 - 467 Parliament Street

Toronto ON M5A 3Y2 CANADA

(Note: effective August 1, 2020, CBBAG no longer has a phone number.)


CBBAG has a Facebook group page, which is private to Facebook users only. This group allows for community interaction and discussion and is a great way to network and see what other bookbinders are up to!

CBBAG also has a public Facebook page. This will be a source of news and information related to CBBAG and to the bookbinding world.

In addition, several CBBAG regional chapters have Facebook pages with information on those chapter activities. Please visit the Regional Chapters page and click on the link for the chapter you are interested learning more about.


Here is a  general directory of CBBAG's service and programme related  emails: 

General and Memberships:

Home Study Programme:

GTA Chapter Workshops:

Video Loan Librarian:

CBBAG magazine: Book Arts arts du livre Canada: 

Exhibition catalogues and related publications:

Note: certain CBBAG e-mails (membership notices, workshop registrations, e-network notices) are sent to CBBAG members from an admin@, however, e-mails sent to that address are lost in the ether and not read. Please DO NOT reply to or send e-mails to that address.

If you are not sure whom to contact, please contact cbbag@cbbag,ca


CBBAG board of directors:
President -  Jose Villa-Arce (Victoria BC)

Vice President - Christine McNair (Ottawa ON)

Secretary - Suzan Lee (Vancouver BC)

Treasurer - Hannah McKendry (Vancouver BC)

Directors at large:

Kari Bronaugh (Owen Sound ON)

Patti Harper (Spencerville ON)

Patrick Miller (Waterloo ON)

Arielle VanderSchans (London ON)

CBBAG committee chairs:

  • Chapters Liaison - Christine McNair
  • National Education - Kari Bronaugh
  • Social Media - Arielle Vanderschans

Managing editor, Book Arts arts du livre Canada: Joel Vaughan

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