CBBAG members are invited to participate in the "e-network," designed to keep members informed on time sensitive CBBAG activities, other organization's book arts events, and to promote members' own book arts events and activities.

The e-network is in addition to the CBBAG magazine, Book Arts arts du livre Canada, published twice a year and mailed to all current CBBAG members, and the E-Newsletter, published twice a year and e-mailed to current CBBAG members.

In addition to information distributed to the whole CBBAG e-network, the e-network serve  five geographic regions, specifically:
  1. The Maritimes
  2. Quebec
  3. Ontario
  4. The Prairies and British Columbia
  5. International members outside Canada

If you would like to distribute information to CBBAG members through a regional  CBBAG e-network please send an email request to cbbag@cbbag.ca . CBBAG does reserves the right to accept or reject your request, at its discretion. Generally commercial messages/advertisements by suppliers are not included in the e-network.

These "e-networks" will not be able to answer personal queries. All those should be directed to the CBBAG e-mail, cbbag@cbbag.ca, or by leaving a voice mail at the CBBAG office at 416-581-1071. 

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