Stephanie Dean-Moore

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Interpreting the Fern (1999)
Hollow back book created with a handknit silk chemise, japanese papers and hand silkscreened images of ferns on unbleached cotton, embroidered with silk thread. This meditative piece explores the artist's relationship and exploration of the natural world through various textile and book arts techniques.


Recipes for Motherhood (1999)
Created out of sterling silver and Paduak wood, “Recipes For Motherhood” is a piece worn across the body on a long silver chain, with intricate pierced details in metal riveted on to the book’s wooden cover. Within this volume are snippits of verse and rhyme from my childhood, with which a new mother could entertain at a moment’s notice. As a mother-to-be, it suited my modern needs for a girdle-inspired book, with a contemporary twist.

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The Dragonfly Book (2003)

The first in the series of “Bug Books”, the Dragonfly Book explores the beauty of form and of nature through the medium of the book.

Created with copper wings, stitched with metallic thread, the feelings of flight and movement are created as the book is opened. The body is crocheted with metallic ribbon, then reinforced and sculpted with copper wires. The pages are handcut of Japanese papers, hidden from sight until the wings are “spread”.

Artist's Statement
There is a place, an intimate place that extends beyond the personal, yet whose boundaries protect one from the public. It is a place of safety, of hope, of personal exploration. It communicates to the public yet protects the individual from the harshness of contemporary society.

My work strives to find that place within us all; to create a centre of contemplation and intimacy for both the artist and the viewer. It attempts to draw one into the spirit and the essence of being an individual, in a world that promotes conformity and the packaging of identities.

The Book has been a source of communication for thousands of years. It has been an object of value, of importance, of wealth, to its societies. In its own right, it has been infused with power: the power of knowledge, of possession, of growth. Yet during this period in our society, when information has been mechanised, people are returning to books as a source of intimate interaction and reflective solitude.

Textiles are a unifying force throughout the ages of humankind; they are a basic element that we have all shared throughout our existence. They have an intimacy, a security, a personal element that comforts us, keeps us warm and protected. They are an element that we all possess within our daily existence, regardless of socioeconomic status.

My work attempts to blur the lines, the definitions, between the personal, intellectual experiences we have with books, and the intimate, protective relationships we have with textiles. Playing with these elements, and incorporating precious metals that carry with them new elements of the precious, the books that I create aim to extend the viewer beyond "the Book" as a package for information. I aim to take the viewer to an intimate place where personal discovery and ideas can be challenged in a public forum.


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