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From its inception in 1983, the organization provided the quarterly CBBAG Newsletter to the membership.  Packed with articles, tips, and timely information, the Newsletter became the link from the central organization to all members.  Two issues of the CBBAG Journal were published (2007 and 2009).  In 2010, the decision was made to replace the Newsletter and Journal with the current magazine, 
Book Arts arts du livre Canada.

CBBAG Newsletter, Vol.1, No.1CBBAG Journal, 2007Book Arts arts du livre Canada, Vol. 1, No.1CBBAG E-Newsletter, 2014


Book Arts arts du livre Canada
The magazine offers in-depth articles profiling Canadian bookbinders, book artists, printers, and papermakers, and covers exhibitions, conservation and restoration, small press and print, education, and more. The magazine, printed in full colour, includes articles translated into French in each issue.

Published twice a year (May and November) in full colour, the magazine is mailed to CBBAG members.

(note: for 2019 there will  be two issues of the CBBAG magazine; one will be in print (spring 2019) and one will be in digital format (late fall 2019) - revised.05-04-2019)

You can view several back issues:

In addition, the French translation of Adrienne Williams Boyarin's article “The Medieval Book Historian as Archeologist” from November 2015, Vol. 6, No. 2, is now available: "L’historien du livre médieval en archéologue" traduit par Mirela Parau.

Back issues of the Journal are available for sale; please contact for information.

CBBAG Newsletter

We are slowly scanning in the original newsletters from the early days.  They are fascinating to read and provide great insight into CBBAG then and now.  Here is the first year:

For current magazine advertising rates and specifications, please view the rate sheet here.

Publications Team
Managing Editor:  Joel Vaughan

The Publications Team encourages:
  • Article suggestions and/or proposals from CBBAG members and non-members
  • Volunteers with an interest in publishing to join the team (we specifically welcome experienced proofreaders and editors)

The E-Newsletter is published twice a year. It is designed to inform members of events, exhibitions, workshops, and pertinent timely information. The E-Newsletter is distributed by e-mail and members who have unsubscribed from announcements from CBBAG will not receive the E-Newsletter.

Joel Vaughan, Publications Chair,  at

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