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    • 27 Feb 2022
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Online using MS TEAMS
    • 10


    Japanese Tetsuyoso Binding & Chitsu

    Instructor: Stuart Hill

    Location: ONLINE using MS TEAMS

    Date: Sunday, Feb 27, 2022

    Hours: 1 - 4 PM Eastern time zone (Toronto/NY Time)

    Course fee: $55 members / $115 non-members (incl. one-yr CBBAG membership)

    Prerequisite: None, but some binding experience is helpful


    Presented by: GTA Chapter

    Registration closes: Fri, Feb 18, 2022, 11:59 PM

    Please note this is a live workshop and will NOT be recorded.

    The Tetsuyoso is unique amongst the Japanese bindings. The book is constructed by sewing sections at the folded edge, much as a Western-style binding, but with a far different thread path.

    This style has been historically used for both accounting and narrative books. The cover construction will feel familiar as it shares many aspects of other Japanese bindings.

    To protect your book or collection of books, we will build the Chitsu wrap-around cover.

    Participant Sourced Materials (specifics will be provided prior to workshop):

    Decorative papers for cover and endpages

    Textblock paper


    Paste (or PVA adhesive)

    Binder’s Board/Graphic Board

    Book Cloth (or decorative paper)

    Tools Required:

    Bone folder




    Paste Brush & Paste

    Mat knife & Cutting Mat

    Ruler/Straight Edge


    Divider (optional)

    Stuart Hill has studied bookbinding under the guidance of Betsy Palmer Eldridge, Don Taylor, Dan Mezza, Karin Scheper, and Rose Newlove. With a background in engineering and architecture, his keen interest is in the discovery of book structures. Please visit Stuart’s website:

    ONLINE WORKSHOP PROCESS:2022WKSP-01 Stu Japanese Tetsuyoso.jpg

    The instructor will be in contact prior to the workshop to share the meeting link and any required directions about materials preparation. Materials should be prepared in advance of the workshop which will allow participants to take the best advantage of the live format. Please note this is a live workshop and is not recorded.

    Technical requirements for participation:

    Access to the internet and to MS Teams (through a browser or application)

    Screen large enough to follow instructor’s video feed (cell phone is not ideal)

    Microphone or Headset / Webcam

    Supported browsers – Microsoft Teams currently supports Microsoft Edge, RS2 or later, and Chrome (version 72 or later). Firefox and Safari are not recommended. If your available browser is not compatible, please go the download page for Microsoft Teams and there is a desktop and tablet client (app) for Mac, Android, and Windows. You do not need a Microsoft 365 account to be a guest at a Teams meeting.

    Participant-requested cancellations will be accepted up to 3 days prior to the published cut-off date for registration and will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee (a minimum of $5). After that, the full fee will be forfeited. In the event of the workshop being cancelled by CBBAG, the workshop fee will be fully refunded. Membership fees included in the non-member fee above are not refundable.

    • 14 Mar 2022
    • Online using Zoom and Thinkific
    • 2

    Bookbinding 1: Home Study - Guided Stream

    Mentor:  Barbara Helander

    Location: ONLINE using the Thinkific platform and Zoom

    Online workshop access starts: Monday, March 14, 2022*

    Duration: 8 months – to October 2022

    Course fee: $700 members / $760 non-members (incl. one-yr CBBAG membership)

    Prerequisite: none

    MAXIMUM ENROLLMENT: 10 students

    Registration closes January 24, 2022, 11:59 PM

    There will be a total of 4 one-hour Zoom meetings, during which the Mentor will lead a review of the group's project submissions, discuss challenges, and answer questions, emulating the in-person workshop more closely.

    Prior to registration, all interested participants must read this pdf which details the guidelines and expectations of the Guided Stream of the Home Study Programme. Registration for the workshop functions a formal agreement to these guidelines, whether or not they have been read.

    Bookbinding 1 is the first workshop in CBBAG’s core curriculum and introduces the variety of tools, materials, sewings, and constructions fundamental to hand bookbinding.

    Using the Thinkific online teaching platform, the workshop is a series of lecture-style videos, direct demonstration videos, and how-to pdfs housed into modules. The workshop will start with the making of a simple pamphlet and proceed to the binding of two hard cover books.

    Using an online platform allows for Mentors to have direct interaction with participants and allows participants to connect and support each other by encouraging discussion, questions and sharing of ideas. 

    CBBAG will be providing a project materials kit to registrants as part of the workshop fee (postage will be extra). Kits will be shipped from Ontario starting in late January 2022.

    The Guided Stream has always required participants to submit their completed projects by postal mail to their Mentor and this online environment will now allow for better feedback with live Zoom meetings to review submissions and for the whole group to learn together, mimicking the in-person workshop more closely. In total, participants will work through more than a dozen individual projects, with 3 sets of submissions spanning 8 months with new modules opening up every 7-8 weeks.

    The online, 24/7 delivery of the workshop is designed for an independent type of learner who needs a flexible schedule for learning and is unlikely to be able to attend an in-person workshop.

    Successful completion of Bookbinding 1 in the Guided Stream qualifies participants to take in-person workshops that require Bookbinding 1 as a prerequisite.

    Barbara Helander holds two degrees (B.Ed., M.Sc.) and her major in both was Clothing & Textiles. Her professional career spanned over 35 years where she worked not only in apparel manufacturing but also as a professor of textiles at Seneca College.  Over the years, Barbara has been nurturing a small keepsake business that involved the creation of one-of-a-kind books; but now that she has formally retired, she can finally take bookbinding and the book arts off the back burner!  Barb has worked her way through the core CBBAG courses and was pleased to earn her certificate in the spring of 2010.  Barbara is one of the core curriculum instructors for CBBAG - she teaches BB1 which is the introduction to the fundamentals of the craft.  She is also a mentor for CBBAG Home Study.  

    • 26 Mar 2022
    • 1:00 PM
    • 27 Mar 2022
    • 4:00 PM
    • Online
    • 8


    Case-Bound Mini Book

    Instructor: Marilyn Book

    Location: Zoom Online

    Date: Saturday/Sunday, March 26-27, 2021

    Hours: 2 Afternoons, 1 pm-4 pm Eastern time zone (Toronto/NY Time)

    Course fee: $150 members / $210 non-members (incl. one-yr CBBAG membership)

    Prerequisite: None

    MAXIMUM ENROLLMENT: 8 students

    Presented by: Southwestern Ontario Chapter

    Registration closes: Monday, March 21, 11:59 PM


    This cute miniature book will fit easily into a pocket or tiny hand.  The techniques used in this class are traditional bookbinding techniques and the same as those used for larger or smaller books.

    We will make a sewn text block and add a tiny made endband. The book is a case binding covered with fabric and decorative paper.  The finished book measures approximately 7.5 x 5.5 cm. (3 x 2 in).

    Day one we will start working on the text block, endpapers and making the endbands. Day two we will add the endbands to the text block, make the cover and case in the textblock.

    While geared to beginners, anyone with an interest in miniature books will enjoy this class. Techniques used here can be applied to other projects.

    The recording link will be shared with participants within 48 hours of the workshop ending and will be available to participants on Youtube until April 20, 2022.

    Tools required

    Awl or large needle

    Needle for sewing

    X-Acto knife or scalpel to cut paper

    Utility knife to cut cardboard




    Cutting mat

    Bone folder

    Paint brush for glue

    Weight to press the book

    Materials required

    4 sheets computer paper, 8.5 x 11

    1 sheet slightly heavier weight paper for end papers and paste down sheets

    Heavy cardboard, not corrugate.  I used 2 shirt cardboards laminated together

    Decorative paper and fabric for cover

    Small piece of fabric for endbands

    Small piece of heavy thread or crochet cotton for endbands

    Small piece of fabric or mull for the spine

    PVA glue

    Thread, thin linen or heavy cotton such as hand quilting thread


    Blotting paper

    Scrap paper

    Online Workshop Process:

    The instructor will be in contact prior to the workshop to share the meeting link and any additional required directions. Materials should be prepared in advance of the workshop to the specifications which will allow participants to take the best advantage of the live format. Please review the technical requirements on the workshop registration page prior to registration to be sure you can participate. Questions should be directed to

    Technical requirements for participation:

    ·       Access to the internet and to the Zoom application

    ·       Screen large enough to follow instructor’s video feed (cell phone is not ideal)

    ·       Microphone or Headset / Webcam

    ·       How to join a zoom meeting information

    Marilyn Book has an LIT and a BA in Communications. She has retired after spending 30 years working in the public education libraries from elementary to college levels where she has led several extra-curricular classes on bookbinding with students.  She has been a member of CBBAG since 2013 and is pleased to have earned her Certificate of Completion in 2019.

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