The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild supports, promotes, and seeks to inspire participation in traditional bookbinding and contemporary book arts. It does this through the efforts of its members and volunteers in providing high quality book arts information, resources, education and networking opportunities to the Canadian book arts community and interested public.

CBBAG's goals as an organization are:
  • To become a more broadly based, national organization, representative of, and advocate for, the book arts;
  • Increase the organization's financial strength to support future stability and growth;
  • Develop and expand CBBAG’s human resource base to meet the organization’s current and future needs;
  • Increase board/governance effectiveness through improved policy and practice;
  • Develop, refine, and expand in-studio and home study educational programmes to best serve beginner through master level bookbinders and book artists;
  • Deliver programmes and membership services that are innovative, high quality, and cost-effective that return maximum value to members, participants, and sponsors.  

CBBAG activities are focused in four areas: education, exhibitions, events, and publications.

CBBAG's members include

bookbinders, book artists, calligraphers, paper makers, paper decorators, letterpress printers, book collectors, conservators, archivists, teachers, and students  in Canada and around the world.

CBBAG is a volunteer-run charitable organization (federally incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Act). CBBAG has approximately 380 members and eight chapters across Canada, based in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, London, Toronto, and Ottawa. 

Social Media

CBBAG has a Facebook group page, which is private to Facebook users only. This group allows for community interaction and discussion and is a great way to network and see what other bookbinders are up to!

Board of Directors

President president@cbbag.ca -  Jose Villa-Arce (from BC Islands chapter)

Vice President - Christine McNair (from Ottawa Valley chapter)

Secretary - Suzan Lee (from BC Lower Mainland chapter)

Treasurer - Hannah McKendry (from BC Lower Mainland chapter)

Directors at Large

  • Kari Bronaugh (from Greater Toronto Area chapter)
  • Patti Harper (from Ottawa Valley chapter)
  • Patrick Miller (Waterloo ON)
  • Arielle VanderSchans (from Southwestern Ontario chapter)

Committee Chairs

Chapters Liaison - Christine McNair

National Education - Kari Bronaugh 

Social Media - Arielle VanderSchans

Managing editor publications@cbbag.caBook Arts arts du livre Canada - Joel Vaughan (from Greater Toronto Area chapter) 

Chapter Leadership (see Chapter details)

BC Islands - Trish Klus

BC Lower Mainland - Gina Page

Alberta North -  Janice Peters

Calgary - Brian Queen

Saskatchewwan - Kathy Hamre

Southwestern Ontario - Marilyn Book

Greater Toronto Area - Akiko Lamb / Don Taylor

Ottawa Valley - Spike Minogue

General Inquiries

cbbag@cbbag.ca for membership, exhibition catalogues

Note: effective August 1, 2020, CBBAG no longer has a phone number; additionally, e-mails to admin@cbbag.ca are not monitored or read, please send any inquiries to cbbag@cbbag.ca.

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