Home Study Programme

The Home Study Programme is based on the core curriculum workshops that CBBAG developed to provide an introduction to the bookbinding skills and techniques needed to practice the book arts. The purpose of the programme is to make bookbinding education available to CBBAG members who cannot take advantage of in-person workshops.

Due to the intensive nature of the Home Study Programme, it is most appropriate for those over 18 years of age.

Home Study workshops are centered around videos that present the various techniques which can be difficult to describe in writing. Many of the videos were filmed during in-studio workshops and have certain limitations because considerations had to be made for participants. The “fly-on-wall” experience means that the videos have all the charms and faults of real-life workshop situations and not all elements are presented as step-by-step direct demonstrations.

CBBAG strives to offer a good orientation and foundation to basic bookbinding, whether the goal is traditional bookbinding, contemporary book arts, modern fine binding, or classic book conservation. The rest comes with time and experience, practice, and patience.


Guided Stream and Independent Stream

What is the difference between the two streams? In making the decision about which stream to purchase, participants should consider that only the Guided Stream serves as a pre-requisite for more advanced in-person or Guided Stream workshops or for the CBBAG Certificate of Completion. The Independent Stream is the outright purchase of the videos and manual/support print materials. CBBAG has no additional input after the purchase. 


Purchasers of the Guided Stream are assigned a mentor from CBBAG to work with participants. Purchasers receive the material through two methods. Bookbinding 1 is hosted online.  The Guided stream for Bookbinding 2 and 3 is on hold as of February, 2022.  


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Postage and handling charges are in addition to the fees shown.


Click here for detailed information on the workshops in the Guided Stream | Home Study Programme.


Purchasers of an Independent Stream workshop receive all the material in the workshop package and use these as they require, but do not apply for comment or critique from CBBAG mentors.

While there are no prerequisite requirements for Independent Stream workshops, a participant would have difficulty taking Bookbinding 2 without the having completed Bookbinding 1 or its equivalent and so on.


Click here for the Home Study Courses Price List.
Postage and handling charges are in addition to the fees shown.


Click here for detailed information on the workshops in the Independent Stream | Home Study Programme.

CBBAG would like to acknowledge the extensive volunteer work of many hands to bring its Home Study Programme to life. The many hats of the volunteers encompassed the roles of developer of the material, presenter, videographer, film editor, writer, illustrator, copy editor, and proofreader. The programme was developed over eight years and launched in 2001. CBBAG is grateful for funding that was provided by the Jean A. Chalmers Fund for the Crafts of the Canada Council of the Arts, Ontario Trillium Foundation, and The Chawkers Foundation that supported the creation of the Home Study Programme. Revisions to some elements of the workshops have started in 2021 by the CBBAG National Education Committee.

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