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Bookbinding, a reproduction of The Art of Bookbinding, by Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf, 3rd Edition Published in London 1897
Aerssens, Cor, bookbinder and boxmaker, The Netherlands
Alstrom, Eric , BookWorks
American Graphic Arts, Inc. - Bookbinding and Printing Machinery
Art Archives and Antiquarian Books, David Theobald, conservation and restoration services
Ateliers Muriel Maire
Beddall Bookbinding Conservation and Restoration, British Columbia
Binders' Guild Newsletter, hints and tips on solving binding problems from a practical perspective
Bind It Fast, make or repair books with this easy technique (Japanese style), adapted from an article in 
Boy's Life
Bonefolder, The, an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist (an outgrowth of the Book Arts Web)
Book Arts Web, The, and archives of the Book_Arts-L mailing list, maintained by Peter Verheyen
Book Doctor, The, Dr. Brian Roberts's page(s) in Newfoundland are newly redesigned. Look for his article on tool sharpening
Bookbinding & Royal Bindings by Paul Tronson - Master Bookbinder
Bookbinding Dictionary a descriptive terminology by Etherington & Roberts.
BookMakers an extensive catalogue of binding and other book arts supplies
Colberg, Susan 
Craft Bookbinding Company, Wilmington, Delaware
Eden Workshops - A Bookbinders Resource. Here you will find free tutorials, learn at home DVD's, equipment and materials.
Felton, Keith, Felton Bookbinding Limited
Filigrane, French craft binding
Fine Art of British Bookbinding, The, an online exhibit of the work of six British binders
Fore-edge Painting and minature painting by Martin Frost
Fox, Gabrielle, Bookbinder
Francoeur, Hélène, Bookbinding, Book Repair, Book Restoration, Papermaking, Gary Frost's web site dedicated to the preservation and persistence of the changing book
Gilded Dragon Studio of Sarah Butt, Calgary Alberta
Goldfingers the last gold beaters in France, it is a family operation since 1834! (French only)
Gouey, Denis, Bookbinding Studio has a page with 18th and 19th century bookbinders labels, also one on 19th c. advertising for bookbinding
Harcourt Bindery services and supplies (with 9 pages of used finishing tools)
Henk Linde Boek- en Papierrestauratie, book and paper restoration, in Dutch
Illtyd Perkins Woodworking, bookbinding tools (presses, sewing frames, boards), Saltspring Island, British Columbia
In A Bind, an Calgary-based book arts supplier providing bookbinding materials in smaller quantities
International Dunhuang Project Bookbinding Pages provides an explanation of various styles of Chinese binding including pothi, butterfly, etc.
Japanese Paper Place, The, offers what is probably the largest selection of fine Japanese papers, particularly handmade, available anywhere in one location
Japanese-style Five-stitch Bookbinding
Jones on Bookbinding a tutorial on the archival photocopying and binding of favourite paperbacks
Kater Crafts Mel Kavin's bindery in Pico Rivera, California
Keller, Michael, book and document restorer and hand-binder.
Knops Boekrestauratie Conservation & Restoration of Books and Paper
Kozo Arts, San Francisco, bookbinding materials as well as finished pieces
Lallier, Monique, Design Bookbindings
Lehmann Bindery bookbinding, equipment, and supplies, Vista, CA
Leonard's Book Restoration Station
Lloyd, Trevor, in addition to binding and restoration services, Trevor also offers paring knives for sale
Motyka, Sam, Hand Made Books 
Muma, Robert, a memorial web site to one of the foremost bookbinders and restorationists of his time in Canada
Octavia Press bookbinding, Calgary Alberta
Old English Bindery & John Smart Bookbinders
Otter Bindery, Surrey, England; also offers bookbinding courses
Out of Binding, The Crossed Structure Binding and other subjects related to books by Carmencho Arregui
Paper Place, The, decorative and handmade Japanese papers, Queen Street West, Toronto
Paper-Ya, papers from around the world
Paper Bindings Exhibit
Permanent Crease Bindery
Praxis Bookbindery
Precious Covers: Bookbinding, from Cigar Aficionado magazine
Rag and Bone Bindery albums, guestbooks, journals, etc.
Rash, Don, fine bookbinder
Rasmussen Bindery, North Vancouver, British Columbia, bookbinding, book repair, dissertations, law books
Red Bone Binderij of Natasha Herman
Russells bookcraft & conservation suppliers
Shepherds Bookbinding, which has merged with Sangorski, Sutcliffe & Zaehnsdorf
Sherman, Stanley M., Bookbinder
Simple Book Repair Manual, A, from Dartmouth College Library
Sobota, Jan & Jarmila, Bookarts in the Czech Republic
Spiral Bindings in a Hard Cover: An Alternative to Rebinding by William Minter (beginning on page six of the .pdf document)
Talas Professional Archival, Conservation and Restoration Supplies
Taylor, Don - Bookbinder
Teasdale Brown hand bookbinding
Three Ring Binders, The, a group of hand bookbinders located in Somerville, Massachusetts
Van Loon's, Josee, Home Page a binder in Belgium
Vienna book cloth, manufactured by Nebel KG
Wu, Robert, bookbinder, gilder, boxmaker, marbler
Young, Julia Weese, Books: Binding and Design

Calligraphy & Lettering

Alphabetica Homepage calligraphic posters
Alphabytes Homepage Rob Leuschke's handlettered designs
Angelo's Calligraphy Page
Association of Calligraphic Arts
Atelier de Calligraphie
Belle Lettere Calligraphy exhibition, workshop, etc, w/ an English version
Black, Gemma, Calligrapher, Canberra, Australia
Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild in Calgary
Caliriel - Eyrie of Calligraphy Chinese lettering
Calligraphers Guild of Manitoba, The
Calligrapher's Ink Home Page of Joanne Fink
Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto
Calligraphy Centre, Wintson-Salem, North Carolina
Calligraphy Ring, The, a ring of linked calligraphy sites
Calligraphy stock photos and images on
Calligraphy Studio guide to web resources, with links to other calligraphy sites and free downloadable fonts
Catherine's Celtic Cloister
Cecilia's Galleries of Australian Calligraphy includes book art
Celtic Art by Patrick Gallagher.
Celtic Art and Illumination by Cari Buziak a French site with an English section
CORACLE Magazine of Celtic Art and Calligraphy, The
Cornwell ScribeWorks Illuminated Manuscripts: Calligraphy and Illumination
Crittenden, Harvest, Acorn Arts Calligraphy
Cutting a Quill Pen Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Manuscript Production
Cynscribe Calligraphy Directory, links to calligraphy sites, suppliers, and other resources, including Canada Calligraphy Links
Danae Art, calligraphic art by Elizabeth Danae
Dean, Holly, Calligraphic Arts
Edward Johnston Foundation, The, A Research Centre for Calligraphy and the Lettering Arts & the Legacy of Edward Johnston
Eliza - Lettering Design - Calligrapher
Friends of the Alphabet

Galen Leather Company, Istanbul, Turkey, various items including pens and inks for calligraphers
Gladstone's, Kate, handwriting sites with links to various other sites
Hamilton Calligraphy Guild, Hamilton, Ontario
Hill Monastic Manuscript Library at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University
IAMPETH The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, Teachers of Handwriting
Islamic Calligraphy with Mohamed Zakariya, a transcript of the film with interleaved GIF images and associated QuickTime audio/video clips
John Neal Books and calligraphy supplies
Ketubah and Hebrew calligraphy by Karny Rivlin Vorona
Lee, Beth, calligrapher, book artist
Letter Arts Review is now found on the John Neal Bookseller web page.
Library Online Inc., searchable database of famous quotes
Matty's Calligraphy, Matthew Farrow's Celtic-inspired calligraphy and knotwork
Modern Calligraphy Collection, The, of the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum
Nakayama Yoshie, Calligraphy & Lettering Arts
Niagara Calligraphy Resource Centre, software for drawing calligraphy guidelines (curved or straight)
Quill Pens Part 1 contains broad guidelines, Part 2 info on cutting a quill, and Part 3 is about ink. Other pages on the site (Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts) deal withmanuscript production and scriptoria
Quotations Page, The, quotations and links
Sabanci Collection Ottoman Calligraphy
Saint John's Bible, The, hand printed and illuminated by calligrapher Donald Jackson a French site
Scriptorium Lundensis of Claes Lindblad articles and links re callig, inks (incl sticks), binders, pigments, etc
Society of Scribes & Illuminators, The, with membership info
Teri Martin Designs
Turkish calligraphy - Les Arts Turcs - and other arts

Washi Arts, US-based retail partner of The Japanese Paper Place, with a wide range of Japanese paper, tools and supplies for bookbinders, artists, and printmakers
Washington Calligraphers Guild, The
Waters, Julian, hand lettering and design
Winsor and Newton - The World's Finest Art Supplies
Wood, Dave, and The Dave Wood Calligraphy Art Gallery, Australia
World Calligraphic & Book Arts Travel Guide maintained by Cecilia Sharpley
Write On Calligraphers, located in Edmonds, Washington
xyzink calligraphy and graphic design (nice logo but a fairly empty site)


Ink Corrosion Homepage The site offers detailed information on iron gall ink, ink corrosion, current research, and conservation techniques
Inks a page of ink recipes and more from "The Household Cyclopedia"
Making Permanent Gallotannate Ink by Evan Lindquist; 3 other pages about old ink lettering

Conservation & Preservation

Abbey Publications Ellen McCrady's newsletter of conservation and bookbinding and The Alkaline Paper Advocate
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
Archival Products, also check out the Newsletter

Book and Paper Conservation Services by Jennifer Robertson, London ON
CCI Home Page, The - La page d'accueil de l'ICC the Canadian Conservation Institute
Centre for Book Conservation in German and English (ZFB, which is a mass treatment center,is making plans to open near Boston.)
Collector's Guide, The: Conserving Works of Art on Paper
Conservation Book Repair, a training manual, by Artemis Bona Dea, which is downloadable as a whole or in chapters, in Adobe PDF format
Conservation By Design Limited, supplier to the Queen
Conservation OnLine maintained by the Preservation Dept. of Stanford University Libraries.
Cornell University Library Dept. of Preservation and Conservation, has a section on simple enclosures
Dartmouth College, Preservation Services
Guidelines for the Conservation of Leather and Parchment Bookbindings, a translation of a 1995 Dutch publication, in 10 parts; from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Hogbristle Needles for Sewing by Jack C. Thompson
Institute of Conservation (ICON), in the United Kingdom, concerned with book and paper artefacts
Johns Hopkins University Preservation Department, The Sheridan Libraries
Library of Congress: Frequently Asked Questions on Preservation
North East Document Conservation Center
Preservation Education and Awareness for Library Users
Preservation Resources Home Page
Structure Outline for Book Description Documentation by Robert Espinosa
Syracuse University Preservation Department
Thompson Conservation Lab with info on the Caber Press, Istor Productions, Technology of the Medieval Book Workshop, and GBW videos
Washington State University Libraries, Conservation and Preservation
Yale University, Preservation Department collections

Leather & Vellum

Harmatan Leather
Hewit & Sons Ltd, suppliers of leather for nearly 200 years. Also, Skin Deep,Hewit's magazine about leather and books.
Making of a Medieval Book and Parchment Making, The Getty Museum exhibitions
Pergamena Handmade Parchment, a U.S. producer of deerskin, goatskin, and calfskin parchment
Sofic Paris, velvet goat, boarded goat, natural calf, anilin calf, and cow leather

Paper Making

Awagami Factory Washi
Babcock, John, hand made paper
Botanical PaperWorks handmade paper and invitations
Castle Papers & Press of Brian Queen in Calgary
Deckled Edge, The, handmake paper, bookbinding, printing by Judith Rudoler
Dieu Donné Papermill, a not-for-profit papermill located in the Soho area of New York City
Fibre Space site of the International Paper Historians, with info on the organization; the history of paper, watermarks, etc
Freyer's, Dieter, Buttenpapier (handmade paper) site in German and English: history, museums, instructions, producers, glossary, misc, and links
Friends of Dard Hunter history, news, etc, about the FDH.
Griffen Mill quality papers handmade in the UK
Hand Papermaking magazine, with articles for beginners
Handmade Paper Gifts by Elizabeth
Hiromi Paper International
Hollanders papershop in Ann Arbor
Inmark handmade paper & gift stationery items from India
Kaar, Joanne B, papermaking and bookbinding
Keene, Susan Warner, paper and textile artist
Magnolia Editions, papermaking and papermaking resources
Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory & Educational Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio
Paper Project, The with scanning laser otographs of papers by Gene Valentine
Paper Road Tibet, dedicated to preserving the history of and revitalizing papermaking in Tibet
Papermakers of Victoria Inc. Paper, Cardstock, Clip Art and other bookcraft items and simple plans
Papertrail, The, is Canada's foremost supplier of materials and equipment for handmade paper
PaperWEIGHT, a UK-based group that focuses on paper as an art form
Paperwright, The Hand Papermaking Supplies
Papyri Pages Guide to Paper, Papermaking, and the History of Paper
Prairie Paper, an introduction to papermaking for grades 5 to 10, by Douglas Jones
Pyramid Atlantic, an artist-centered community which explores the arts of hand papermaking, printmaking, and artists' books
Robert C. Williams American Museum of papermaking
Ross, Darrell S., papermaking projects and paper art
Ruscombe Paper Mill, Margaux, France
Seastone Papers on Martha's Vineyard, with info on workshops and process.
Stiffe, Gail, Hands On Paper, with directions for making paper from plants
Twinrocker Paper, history of the mill, product list, and a description of papermaking

Paper Decorating & Marbling

30 Examples of Marbled Paper
All things to do with Paper Marbling
Bibliography of Marbling Books on Peter Verheyen's website
Colophon Book Arts Supply marbling supplies, with an online catalogue
Dharma Trading Co., marbling supplies
Hamburger Buntpapier, traditional European decorated paper by Susanne Krause
Historical Marbled Papers conservator Cor Knops is looking for marblers who can recreate these samples
Jemma Lewis Marbling and Design, Wiltshire, UK

John Ang Cheng Siew Paper Marbling blog, including a page of paper marbling links
Kileci, Mehmet Refil, Islamic Calligraphy & Turkist Marbling
Kristoferson Studio, paste and itajime papers by Susan Kristoferson
Lapierre, Lucie, marbler
Marbled Arts of Florence (Italy), marbled paper and objects
Marbled Papers, an essay from the digital collection, University of washington
Marbling for Paper and Fabric Galen Berry, supplies and information
Maurer, Diane,, handmade marbled papers
Nevins, Iris, Marbled Paper and supplies
Parissi, Evi, of Greece, Marbling by
Rockingstone, rare and vintage papers, based in Netherlands
Suminagashi, the ancient art of Japanese marbling
Traditional Turkish Marbling, a web site prepared by Alparslan Babaoglu
Valet, Alain, marbling papers


Note: also see the Organization links below, as many offer workshops and courses.
A list of schools, colleges, universities, and other teaching institutions can now be found on the CBBAG Educational Opportunities Page.


Note: some organizations may also be listed within the various categories above and below this section.

American Bookbinders Museum, sharing the history, tools, and process of bookbinding

Bibliophile Resources: Societies & Organizations in the Books About Books Community, on the Oak Knoll Books web site
Alcuin Society, The
Amalgamated Printers' Association, an organization composed of letterpress printing enthusiasts÷printers, typecasters, and collectors
American Printing History Association, The
American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers
ARA Canada, Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art du Canada
Austin Book Workers, Austin, Texas
Book Arts Guild, Seattle, Washington
Bookbinding Exhibitions Australia, mounting and touring book arts exhibitions in Australia
British Printing Society edited by Derek Fordred
Center for Book Arts, The, programmes and workshops in New York City
Cincinnati Book Arts Society, The
Centre for the History of the Book, The, an international and interdisciplinary centre for advanced research into all aspects of the material culture of the text - its production, circulation, and reception from manuscript to the electronic text
Clundefined Ceardlann na gCnoc, a visual technology workshop in Ireland, publishing, amongst other things, artists' books
CODEX Foundation, The, exists to preserve and promote the art and craft of the book
Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts
Designer Bookbinders in the United Kingdom
Fine Press Book Association, The

Finnish Woodcut Artists Society
Grolier Club, The, (est 1884) History, Exhibitions, Publications, Library (on printing and related book arts)
Guild of Book Workers, info on membership, resources, etc. (mainly NYC but several Chapters elsewhere)
Honolulu Printmakers, supporting printmakers in Hawai'i
Idaho Center for the Book with links to other centres.
Meister der Einbandkunst ö Internationale Vereinigung e.V. - in German
Miniature Book Society, The, info about the society, annual conclaves, members' work, links
Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Movable Book Society, The, with info on the society and links to other paper engineering sites
Origami Society of Toronto
Pacific Center for the Book Arts, San Francisco, California
Printing & Book Arts Center, Rochester, New York, part of the the Genesee Center for Arts & Education
Queensland Bookbinders Guild Inc.
Regroupement des centres d'artistes autogérés du Québec
San Francisco Center for the Book, The
Society of Bookbinders, The
Tokyo Bookbinding Club
Toronto Centre for the Book
Victorian Bookbinders Guild in Australia
William Morris Society


A disagreeably facetious type glossary among other things.
American Amateur Press Association list of letterpress resources, links to museums.
Arion Press, The, of Andrew Hoyem
Atelier Press
Art Boards Printmaking Supplies
Baker, Paul, Typography extensive explanations of letterspacing, kerning, leading, and other typographic terms
Bell Type and Rule, manufacturers of foundry type for foil stamping and letterpress
Berliner, Harold, books, posters, and typecasting
Bibliographies: typographie, langue fr.
Black Rock Press, The, at the University of Nevada, Reno
Boxcar Press Fine Printing and Binding, and photopolymer platemaking
Briar Press, The - letterpress museum, classifieds, and papermaking by Elizabeth Nevin
Canadian Private Presses, from the Library and Archives Canada web site, showcasing the rich and varied private press movement in Canada
Capsule History of Typesetting on the History Buff's Home Page
Caslon Ltd., table top presses, hot foil blocking machine
Don Black Linecasting supplier of type and used machines, a series of books that take a critical look at typograpphy and design in everyday lives, by John D. Berry
Drinnin, Christa, Print Gocco supplier
Excelsior Press Museum of Printing
Field Guide to Faces David Mundie's type indentification system.
Green Dolphin Press, Weston, Connecticut
Handpress site of Richard-Gabriel Rummonds
Heavenly Monkey, the press of Rollin Milroy, Vancouver, B.C.
Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography, The
History and Practice of Typesetting
Hot Metal Services Home Page "dedicated to preserving and sharing information about and for 
Hot Metal Typesetting equipment"
Hutchinson's, Bradley, Digital Letterpress - one foot in the 19th century & the other in the 21st.
Introduction to Letterpress Printing in the 21st Century, by David S. Rose / Five Roses Press
Invention and History of the Printing Press
King Library Press, The, history, gallery, links.
Letterpress Alive in U.K., information about letterpress activities in the United Kingdom
LettError Type & Typography with animated typography.
LETPRESS@LISTSERV.UNB.CA, Archives, discussion list
Linotype Maintenance and Operation, devoted to the preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the maintenance and operation of Linotype machines
Lower East Side Printshop
M & H Type
Manutius, Aldus, a bibliography,
also In Aedibus Aldi The Legacy of Aldus Manutius and his Press; online exhibition catalogue from Brigham Young U.
Melbourne Museum of Printing
Monotype Corporation, The, history, fonts, and more, including Typography 101
Museum of Printing, The, in New England
Nenne: Typography, facts about typographers, designers, and their work
Pie Tree Press & Type Foundry, fine press printing, type design, and type casting
Printing Equipment for Sale - commercial, with classifieds
Private Presses of the United Kingdom, descriptions of 21 presses and their books
Serif: The Magazine of Type &Typography in print and on the web, including 
Sans Serif, its online companion
Silver Buckle Press a working museum of letterpress printing
Taylor, Andrea

Toronto Stamp Inc makes custom Qwikprint dies
Type & Typography Special Edition, selections from The Whittington Press, limited edition, avialable from Mark Batty Publisher
Type Club of Toronto, The
Type Directors Club is an international organization for all people who are devoted to excellence in typography, both in print and on screen
Type-High, a site attempting to catalogue wood type.
typoGRAPHIC, history of typography, structure (and evolution) of letterforms, glossary, and more
Typofile Magazine
Virtual Museum Printing Press

See also Digital Type links for digital typefounderies and designers.

Wood Engraving

Albee, Grace, an American printmaker (wood engraving), 1890-1985
Bewick, Thomas (1753-1828), The Bewick Society web site
other Bewick sites include Bewick wood engravings
Bull, David, wood block printmaker in Japan, includes the Classical Technique of Woodblock Printmaking, also check out the index to his newsletter for several interesting articles about visits to a papermaker, a brushmaker, a blockmaker, and more
DePol,John,wood engraver
DePol, John: How to Make a Wood Engraving;
also Finding Aid: The John DePol Collection of American Wood Engravings and Related Material at Rutgers University
English, Andy, printmaker (wood engravings), with a section on how-to and a gallery
Gill, Eric, and the Guild of St Dominic a conference at the University of Notre Dame in November 2000
Greentree Graphics Wood Engravings Gallery
Lawrence, T.N., & Sons, artists and printmaking supplies
McCurdy, Michael, fine wood engravings from a modern master.
Phillips, Walter J., watercolour artist and woodblock printmaker also, The Technique of the Colour Wood-cut
Westergard, Jim / Spanish Fly Press
Wood Engraver's Network, a gallery of wood engraving prints and printmaking

Book Artists & Presses

Note: some artists are listed under their last name, others under their press name, so if you don't find someone under their name, check their press name.

Alembic Press, The of Claire Bolton, with a collection of typecase layouts
Alice Travel Cie, publishing books by artists
Aliquando Press, The of William Rueter
Ampersand Press of Alessandro Zanella in Italy (information on the press)
Antonic, Jelena
Arion Press, The, of Andrew Hoyem
Art Jazz Books of c.j. grossman
Artists' Books Review, a publication devoted exclusively to exploring the difference between artists' books and fine press books, and how they fit into the realm called The Book Arts
atelier für papierdesign of Peter Baumgartner
Baldwin, Pat, Pequeño Press, Waterleaf Mill & Bindery.
Barbarian Press, The, of Jan and Crispin Elsted in Mission, BC
Barrow, Amanda, printmaker and book artist
Barton, Carol, Popular Kinetics Press
Beautiful Angle, an underground letterpress shop in the city of Tacoma
Blades, Joe, Broken Jaw Press
Bloodroot Press, of Jean Buescher Bartlett
Book Arts Press supporting the history of books and printing and related subjects
Book@rts, the books of Jules Siegel
Book and Letterpress Artists Featured on ChicagoPublishes
Book Arts in Quebec:carrefour des arts du livre
Bruggeman, Inge, INK-A! Press
Cabbagehead Press of John Risseeuw
Califia Books, distributor of artists' books, letterpress, and fine press editions, San Francisco
Chax Press, of Charles Alexander
Coron, Béatrice, papercuts and bookart
Coviensky, Mira, book artist and workshop leader
Convivio Bookworks, formerly Red Wagon Press Cowan, Vicki, at Studio Q
Cranberry Press of Mark & Marilyn Nero
Daiber, Steven C., Red Trillium Press
Dautricourt, Joelle , French artist working on Hebrew and latin letter and artist books since 1979
De Milo Design studio and letterpress
De Walden Press, Jan Kellett's Hand Crafted Miniature Books
Deep Wood Press of Chad Pastotnik, with separate pages for press room and bindery
Editions, site of Ed Hutchins' books
Elsner, Gretchen, pop up books, paint maker, printer, cloth pop up books
Ergo Pers Artists' Books, publisher of artists books and illustrated books (primarily Dutch)
Esslemont, David, Solmentes Press, artist, designer, printer, bookbinder and publisher
Flying Fish Press, limited edition artists' books by Julia Chen
Flying Paper Press, Jody Williams
Fournier, Jacques, Éditions Roselin
Frog Hollow Press, of Caryl Wyse Peters
Gaylord, Susan Kapuscinski, author, teacher, workshop leader
Groebner, Sandy
Grunge Papers, The, letter press printing and papermaking by Grant F. Wilkins
gycouture [design] of Guylaine Couture, Montreal, Quebec
Hanmer, Karen, artists' books and installation
Hayner Art, "Under Freak Conditions", a collaborative mixed meida book by Carl Heyward & Deborah Hayner
Hensel, Susan: Book Art
Hewett, Geoffrey & Karen, book artists (& musician)
Heyeck Press, The - Home Page
Hoffman, Judith, one of a kind artist's books made from metals, paper, and found objects, also on-line tutorials
Holman, Shireen, printmaker and book artist
Huebsch, Rand, artist's books
Intima Press, artists books by Mindy Belloff
Indian Hill Press fine, letterpress-printed books, broadsides and cards
Karen's Whimsy: Altered and Handmade Books
Koch, Peter, Printers
Langerman, Elaine
Lasqueti Press, artist books and fibre studio of Linda M. Cunningham
Lewis, Amanda , artists' books, calligraphy, paper decoration
Lilliput Press
Lin, Hannah of Farmdog Studios
Lizard Press of Melissa Kaup-Augustine
Loewy, Florence / Books by Artists
Lumiere Press of Michael Torosian, limited edition books on photography
MacCallum, Marlene, of Persnickety Press
Marsville Press, letterpress invitations and social stationery
Martin, Emily, and the Naughty Dog Press
Martin, Judith
Mayapple Press books by Judith Kerman
Michel, Karen, altered books
Miklaf, Yehuda, and the Shalom Yehuda Press, Israel
Minsky Online Home Page many examples of fine work by this pioneer book artist
Mission Creek Press artist books and handmade paper by Roberta Lavadour, includes a tutorial on making paper at home
Montgomery, Micheline
Morrish, David, Dead Cat Press
Moving Parts Press of Felicia Rice, fine art and literary publishing
Mystical Places Press publishes limited edition, hand-crafted miniature books celebrating the spirit and aesthetics of the natural environment
NetRing: Artists' Books and Book Art
Nies, Sabina U., SUN Book Arts
Obata, Gen, Books
Old Stile Press, The, of Nicolas & Frances McDowall
Oudheusden, Kez van, Handmade Books Online
Owen, Claire, Turtle Island Press
Palimpsest Press, Kingsville, Ontario
PB+J Press of Peter Bartl + Jane Merks
Piggins, Maureen, artist's books
Poltroon Press
Private Presses in Israel
Red Howler Press of David & Gretchen Moyer
Rook's Books - Home
Rummonds, Gabriel, author of 
Printing on the Iron Handpress maintains this site for handpress printing
Running the Goat, books and broadsides, St. John's, Newfoundland
Russell, Laura, Simple Books Ltd.
Ryckman, Joyce, artist's books
Sabuda, Robert, pop-up books page from his web site
Schaer, Miriam, book artist
Serif & Pixel Press with papermaking and calligraphy pages
Shanty Bay Press of Janis Butler & Walter Bachinski
Sheehy, Shawn, artist's books, pop-up engineering, workshops, Paperboy Press
Shinnick, John, New Wave Publishers
Simms, Meliors, Book Artist in New Zealand
Sjoblom, Kara
Spring, Jessica, and Springtide Press
Sramek, Peter, photographer and book artist
St James Park Press of James Freemantle, United KingdomStahlecker, Bonnie, Frogman's Press & Gallery

Stein, Alan, The Church Street Press, Parry Sound, Ontario

Teichert, Alice
Thee Hellbox Press of Hugh Walter Barclay
Thomas, Peter and Donna
Treyf - Online Projects and Bookworks by Rob Kovitz using appropriated images and texts recombined in a highly subjective manner
Tryst Press, The, of Rob Buchert, home of fine letterpress publishing and design; also handmade paper for sale
Walker, George, Biting Dog Press, wood engraver, book artist
Walking Bird Press of painter and book artist Tara Bryan
Wilde, Denise Carson
Wunderer, Gerd J., German book artist
Yuen, Marlene, artist's books and comics
Zybooks a showcase for contemporary artists' books, mail art projects, events, links...



AntiQBook, a European antiquarian booksite
Antiquarian Books on the Internet
Antiquarian Booksellers Association
Anton W.van Bekhoven Rare books, Antique collectibles, out of print offers
Artist Book News, A central marketplace for buyers and sellers of the book arts
Barry McKay Rare Books, Cumbria, England
Book Central supplier of instructional manuals and supplies for artists and book arts teachers
Book Town a co-op venture between five European book towns: Bredevoort, Fjaerland, Hay-on-Wye, Montolieu, and Redu Search for Out of Print and Used Books almost all inclusive mind-boggling search engine combines many booksearch networks
Bookstorming, a Paris-based company dedicated to world wide distribution of information for contemporary visual arts institutions via the Internet and specialized bookstore and publisher of contemporary art publications and artist's books
Editions-Artists' Book Fair, premier showcase for contemporary publishers and dealers presenting the latest in prints, multiples and artists' books free to the public; held annually in New York City
Four Rivers Books fine press, books about books, etc
Granary Books artists books and exhibitions
Hugh Anson-Cartwright Books, Maps, & Prints

ILLUMNIO is a marketplace for Book Arts (to buy and sell)
International League of Antiquarian Booksellers
Keith Smith Books
Oak Knoll Books home page
Octavo: Digital Rare Books
Old Books - Antique Books and More General Information source for Old and Antique books from Antique-Antiques
Price Search, The, new and used books at low prices
Printed Matter, Inc., dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists
SPD Books Small Press Distribution
Thornwillow Press letterpress editions on Czech handmade paper
Vamp and Tramp + Califia Books, representatives of book artists and private press printers
Veatchs Arts of the Book, The
Wilsey Books a used book dealer specialising in book arts, includes a glossary of bookselling terms and abbreviations


Abecedarium Gallery, exhibits and represents artists working across a variety of disciplines with particular focus on contemporary book arts, works on paper, collage, and assemblage
Aberdeen Bestiary, The, University of Aberdeen Library
Art of the Book, The, rare printed books at the University of Liverpool
Arts of the Book Collection at Yale University, Sterling Memorial Library
Bibliothèque nationale de France (en français), or, Bibliothèque nationale de France (in English)
Bibliotheca Schoenbergensis, an exhbition at the University of Pennsylvania
Bienes Center for Literary Arts, The, includes an Exhibition of Movable Books and Ephemera
BGSU Popular Culture Library: PCL GALLERY with pulp paperback covers and more
Bodleian Library: Browse Images of Manuscripts
Book of Kells, The, at Trinity College, Dublin
BookFest, New York City's annual artist-created, artist-sponsored book event
British Library, The, with collections, exhibitions, digital library
Cary Graphic Arts Collection at Rochester Institute of Technology
Charlotte M. Smith Collection of Miniature Books
Colophon Gallery: The Illustrated Book a survey of genres by Richard Minsky
Colophon Page, The, with a variey of exhibitions online
Color Printing in the Nineteenth Century, an exhibition
Dead Sea Scrolls history and images.
de Grummond Children's Literature Collection at USM, The, with links to related sites and other children's literature collections
Denison Library a description of the Special Collections at Claremont College, including Papermaking and Fred W. Goudy
Diamond Sutra, The, the world's earliest dated printed book, at The British Library
Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music Virtual Restoration
DScriptorium is devoted to collecting and distributing digital images of medieval manuscripts
Dutch Paper Biennale with examples from a variety of paper artists, in Dutch and English
Ee.3.59: The Life of King Edward the Confessor
Flasch's, Joan, Artists' Books Collection
Fore-edge Paintings from the collections of the University of Florida
Herzog August Bibliothek collections of artists books, manuscripts, etc. (in German)
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, a site celebrating the 500th anniversary of the book
Invisible Paintings Foredge paintings at the National Library of Canada.
Ishill, Joseph, and the Authors and Artists of the Oriole Press
Johnston-Lavis Literature Collection, rare books on volcanology and geology which were formerly owned by the volcanologist, Dr. Henry James Johnston-Lavis (1856-1914), held at University College, London
Master Bookbindings exhibition Arte y diseño en el libro Maestros encuaderna dores 1920 - 1970
McCune Rare Book Collection at the JFK Library, Vallejo, California; books available to be read by visitors
MFLIBRA - Livres Anciens - Old Books en français
Monastery Library at Strahov A beautiful baroque library in Prague, the Czech Republic (this site has a Flash-animated, multimedia opening page)
MOST Books view the most beautiful, most outrageous, most controversial, etc, books in the Special Collections at U. Virginia
Nat'l. Museum of Women, Exhibition Schedule in the Arts, Library, & Resource Center.
Olde Mill House Gallery a working letterpress museum in Homosassa, FL
Paper, Leather, Clay and Stone: The Written Word Materialized an exhibition of the visual and tactile
Plantin-Moretus Museum, The
Pop-up World of Ann Montanaro, The, in the Special Collection of Rutgers
Princeton University Library Rare Books and Special Collections Portfolio images available for reproduction
Printer's Devices a database
project MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project, an annual touring exhibition of artist books, zines, and independent publications
Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Columbia University Libraries
Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629)
Roycrofters, The, Webpage
San Francisco Public Library Book Arts and Special Collections
Science and the Artist's Book at the Smithsonian Institute
Stratford Book Festival, Stratford, Ontario, an annual event established in 2001, combining book arts exhibits and authors' festival.
SU Book Art, an Exhibition of Student work at Syracuse University Library's Department of Special Collections
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto
Tibetan Book of the Dead literature and artwork on prayer, ritual and meditation
Toronto Public Library - Osborne Collection of early children's books
Tres Riches Heures du Duc deBerry, Les, a dozen large images from this celebrated manuscript.
University of Delaware Special Collections, Printing and the Book Arts
University of Melbourne Special Collections links page to related rare books sites
University of Oxford Early Printed Books Project
University of Pennsylvania Special Collections-Schoenberg Exhibit
University of Rochester Library, The Department of Rare Books, Special Collections & Preservation
University of Texas, archive of bookplates at
University of Virginia Book Arts Collections, Printing, Calligraphy, Wood Engraving, and Book Illustration
Victoria and Albert Museum - Book Art in the National Art Library
William Morris, U. Michigan Special Collections
Williamson Gallery pre-war Czech avant garde design
Women & Texts catalogue of an exhibition at the University of Leeds curated by Special Collections at the U. of Calgary Library
Women in the Book Arts: A Selection
Women of the Book - Introduction


Abbey Library of St. Gallen, a virtual library providing access to the medieval codices
Bibliographic Society of Canada
Bibliophile Mailing List, The, a mailing list archive, forum, and literature links.
Book and Paper Arts multimedia bibliography for kids
Book Arts Web Reference & Bibliographies
BookWire information on books, publishers, libraries, etc.
C18-L (18th century studies) Links to Libraries
Community of the Book, The, Organizations and Programs (names, addresses, web sites)
Copyright in Canada, a copyright in Canada primer to answer your copyright questions
Elements of Style, The, classic work by William Strunk Jr.
Essentials of Book Collecting, from Robert Lucas, antiquarian bookseller
History of Books, a reference guide from The New York Public Library
History of Writing Technologies, A
IPL The Internet Public Library
KBC Online Book Related Information Links
Media History Project, The, from petroglyphs to pixels
On-Line Books Page, The, an index to over 6000 on-line books, w/ search tool.
ORB--Book Index (Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies) several illustrated essays on Medieval and Renaissance Book Production: Manuscript and Printed Books
Southwest Missouri State University Libraries links to booksellers
Traister's, Daniel, Home Page History Of Books and Printing, an extensive list of online resources
Type Books a bibliography of type, design, calligraphy & related books
University of Houston Libraries Special Collections list of web resources for librarians, scholars, archivists
Victoria University--Libraries & Archives at the University of Toronto
Warburg Institute, The, University of London, book printing and illustration online bibliography and other links.


Al and Malka Green Artists' Health Centre, created by artists for artists, located in the Toronto Western Hospital
Art and Books Website, for an art course at Charles Sturt University, with vairous links to other book arts sites
Arts et MÚtiers du Livre Editions Bibliophilie, reliure, estampe, calligraphie
Bodart, library supplies, furnishings, and electronic ordering systems
Book_Arts-L Archives an archive of the Book Arts mailing list.
Book Information Website Antiquarian books, bookarts, book history, fine printing auctions: completely devoted to the art and history of printed information.
Book Lovers, Fine Books and Literature
Book Publishing and Marketing Information from 
PLACES FOR PUBLISHERS - Your Book Publishing Resource
Bookbinding Now, Susan Mill's biweekly podcasts of interviews with book artists
Bookplates, About, from the Art in Miniature website
Books and Book Collecting
Books2Eat, the annual (April 1st) International Edible Book Festival
BookfestWindsor (formerly the Windsor Festival of the Book) Windsor, Ontario
Boomerang Newspaper and Printing Museum by Roy M. Chatters
Coach House Books a Canadian institution for 30 years, specializing in short run fine printing
"Dance Of Death" Decorative Initials by Holbein (from Psymon Web Bindery)
"Dance Of Death" Decorative Initials by Holbein (Medieval Macabre web site)
also, Holbein's "Alphabet of Death" from the same site
Digital Librarian on book collecting, a list of links (also other lists on archives, manuscripts, and more, accessible from this site)
Education in the Book Arts in New Jersey - hand chart, or, Preaching What We Practice (click on the hands for artist book images)
Electronic Beowulf, The, digital forensics of an ancient literary masterpiece
ExLibris Webring
5th annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium, photos from the event (Res Ipsa Loquitur: The Thing Speaks For Itself)
First Contact an ArtBook by Fons Bloemen
Flexagon Page by Kathryn Huxtable
Franklin, Benjamin, and his Printing Press
Gaspereau Press, a Nova Scotia owned and operated trade publisher, publishing short-run editions of both literary and regional interest
Green Heron Book Arts offers book and papermaking kits; click "About" for the Gallery: Faculty Show for the Oregon Book Arts Guild Focus on Content Conference
Gutenberg Museum
Hamilton Wood Type Printing Museum
How a Book is Made a site for kids from HarperCollins.
International Printing Museum, The, in Buena Park, Ca.
International Standard Paper Sizes
Is It a Book? exploring the possibilities for affecting the perception of text or, nonlinearity in literature and the book arts
McClain's Printmaking Supplies
Non Toxic printmaking resources for printmakers and educators
Piccolo Gallery and Printing Museum, The, Nairn, Scotland
Polaroid Image Transfers - Tools and Techniques by Holly DuprŽ (with links to the book in a .pdf format)
Porcupine's Quill, Inc., The, a small, literary publisher/printer in Erin, Ontario
PostModern Culture online magazine with a review by Tom Vogler of Dressing the Text exhibition
Printworks Magazine, including an Art Links page
Ten Things You Didn't Know about Your Books by Adrian Johns
This to That a site to solve gluing problems
Turkish Book Arts (hosted by the University of Guelph)
Type on the Edge of History; In Search of the Wild Photon, &c., by Peter Fraterdeus
Van Vliet, Claire, a biography and bibliography of this innovative book artist and printmaker, in celebration of the U. of Virginia Libraries' four millionth volume
Woodburytype, an obsolete method of continuous-tone printing
World of Ex-Libris, The, a historical retrospective
Writing and Publishing Program, The at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia

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