English to French Book Arts Terms

When CBBAG looked to hire a professional translator for The Art of the Book ’03 exhibition catalogue, the exhibition curators found that the translation service did not have available many bookbinding and book arts technical terms.

CBBAG does not claim that this list is a definitive translation of book arts terms from English to French. There are many differences of opinion on this as in so much else in bookbinding and "livres d'artiste."

It was decided to limit the list to translation from English to French only as it was quickly clear that CBBAG was not in a position to decide what would be useful to translate from French to English.

CBBAG hopes that this list will be useful!

The list was originally compiled by Shelagh Smith & Hélène Francoeur and CBBAG would like to acknowledge their dedication and hard work. It was reviewed & gently edited in 2021.

Click here to view the list.

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