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The purchasers of an Independent Stream workshop receive all the material in the workshop package and use these as they require, but do not apply for comment or critique from CBBAG mentors. While there are no prerequisite requirements for Independent Stream workshops, a participant would have difficulty taking Bookbinding 2 without the having completed Bookbinding 1 or its equivalent and so on.

It is recommended participants in the Independent Stream proceed through the workshops in order: Bookbinding 1, 2, and 3, Restoration & Repair, and Finishing. The overall curriculum is progressive in complexity and built on the assumption that participants start at the beginning and have mastered the skills of any pre-requisites.

The Home Study Independent Stream workshops are not eligible as prerequisites for in-studio workshops nor towards a CBBAG Certificate of Completion.

The five core curriculum bookbinding videos were filmed during in-studio workshops in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They have definite limitations because considerations had to be made for participants. The recorded workshops were led by Betsy Palmer Eldridge.

The “fly-on-wall” experience means that the videos have all the charms and faults of a real-life workshop situations and not all elements are shown in step-by-step direct demonstrations. The videos offer a wealth of practical and theoretical material, and the accompanying manuals work to clarify or expand the information in the videos.

The 1 minute video clip below offers a taste of the video capture approach and quality of visuals and sound. 



Marbling - click here for full details -

Note: The Marbling video was led by Shelagh Smith and is a direct demonstration video, not a “fly-on-the-wall” type of experience. 

The five core curriculum workshops are available for purchase in two bundles. 

Bookbinding Foundation Bundle 1 contains the following:

- Bookbinding 1 and Lexicon - click here for full workshop description

- Bookbinding 2 and Endpapers - click here for full workshop description
- Bookbinding 3 - click here for full workshop description

Introduction to Leather - click here for full workshop description

Bookbinding Foundation Bundle 2 contains the following:

- Finishing - click here for full workshop description
- Restoration & Repair - click her for full workshop description


Click here for the Home Study Courses Price List.


Please e-mail ALL the required information to homestudy@cbbag.ca
- Your name
- Your phone number
- Your mailing address
- The workshop(s) you wish to purchase
- The stream you have chosen: Independent
- Your agreement to the Home Study Programme Policy


Method of payment required (see below for options)

Credit Card

For payment by credit card, once your email request is received, an AffiniPay invoice will be issued to your e-mail address that will cover the workshop fee and CBBAG one-year membership, if required.


For payment by e-transfer or cheque/money order, please specify that you require a pdf invoice in your original email to the registrar about the purchase at homestudy@cbbag.ca


All Independent Stream materials (MP4 videos and PDFs) are accessible online for download from the Thinkific online educational platform. After payment of your invoice, an email will be sent by the Thinkific administrator to invite you to set up a free Thinkific account. Once you create that account, all the materials will be available for six months from the day that your invitation was issued. 

It generally takes no more than five days for the invitation email to access the workshop materials on Thinkific to be sent. If the email has not been received within two weeks of payment of your invoice, please reach out the the Home Study registrar in case your email spam filter has blocked the invitation email. Check your spam folder prior to contacting the registrar. 


The membership fee is not refundable. Participant-requested cancellation is only allowed within six months of purchase if the materials have not been accessed on Thinkific and will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee (a minimum of $5).


CBBAG Home Study materials are copyrighted. In purchasing any Home Study workshop participants must agree to the CBBAG the Home Study Programme Policy and may not duplicate the manuals or videos except for their personal educational use.

All imagery on this website is copyright and protected by international law. Content cannot be copied, published, distributed, downloaded, or otherwise stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, or converted, in any form or by any means, electronic, or otherwise without prior written permission from the copyright owner. Please contact CBBAG's web administrator for more information on contacting the copyright owner.

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