Historical Overview

CBBAG Magazine, Book Arts Canada | Arts due Livre Canada, first issued in 2010, replaced the CBBAG Newsletter and the CBBAG Journal

The magazine offers in depth articles profiling Canadian bookbinders, book artists, printers, and papermakers, and covers exhibitions, conservation and restoration, small press and print, education, and more.

The magazine, published twice a year (May and November) is printed in full colour, including articles translated into French in each issue. In 2019, the Spring edition was published in paper and the Fall edition was published in digital form.

Starting in 2020, the magazine was offered in both paper and digital versions.

Front Cover of CBBAG Newsletter, Vol.1, No.1

CBBAG Newsletter, a quarterly newsletter to membership (nondigital since 1983packed with articles, tips, and timely information.

The Newsletter served to connect the central organization to all members. They are fascinating reads that reveal insights into CBBAG then and now.

Front Cover of CBBAG Journal, 2007CBBAG Journal had two issues published; one in 2007 and another in 2009.

A number of digital copies of back issues of the CBBAG magazine, newsletter, and journal are available to current CBBAG members. Please log into the CBBAG website (in the upper right hand corner) to access these digital issues here.

Paper versions are no longer available for purchase.


Covers and Table of Contents of the four most recent issues for Book Arts arts du livre Canada are below.

Vol 13, No 1 Summer 2022 

New Life for an Old Tool by Rebecca Villa-Arce

An interview with BC Lower Mainland's Penny Parry 

The Artistry of Art Deco: An interview with artists and author Mary Conley

Shakespeare's First Folio at the UBC Library: An Interview with Dr. Greg Mackie

Books and the Body: Creating an Artist's Book by Risa de Rege

Period Leather Bindings from Scratch: Developing a Personal Collection by Keith Valentine

Textus-Texts-Textiles: Fabric Bookworks by Brendon Edwards | Ella Heiss

A Crafted Typology of the Codex: Book Modelmaking as an Approach to Material Book Study

Vol 12, No 2 Fall 2021 


The Making of a Miniature Faerie Tale by Spike Minogue

A Box for Gabaldon's Outlander by Barbara Helander

The PaperWeight App by Brian Queen

To Turn the pages of my stories: behind, between, beyond by Roxanne Lafleur

The Benefits of Bungling a Bind by Penny Parry

AMAZE: A McGill A-Z Experiene by Leora Bromberg

Vol 12, No 1 May 2021

The Making of a Maker: An Interview with Brian Queen | L’épanouissement d’un artisan : entrevue avec Brian Queen by Carolyn Qualle Translation: Mirela Parau

Bookbinding out of the box by Benjamin Elbel

Winnipeg Graffiti: Making a Glass Book by M. C. Joudrey

More Than Just a Good Read: Funk & Wagnalls Practical Standard Dictionary by Penny Parry

Review: Rare Book Schools Go Virtual: Recognising and Dating English Bookbinding Styles, 1450–1850 by Erica Finch

MEMORIALS  Tara Bryan and Nancy Trottier

    Vol 11, No 2 December 2020

    La Fille du Relieur, an interview with Laura Shevchenko by Eric Aubertin

    Covering, Codex, Tabernacle: Barnett Coilféir’s Cumhdach by Richard Carter

    Identifying fibres and colours in native and invasive plants by Frances Hunter

    Review: Two pamphlets from The Society of Bookbinders by Kari Bronaugh

    online exclusive †  Book Tour: To Have and To Hold Debra Frances and Rosmary Péloquin

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