Marbling: A guide to the craft of watercolour marbling is a direct demonstration video with a wide-ranging presentation on techniques, tools, challenges, and tips. The workshop provides a through introduction to the basics of marbling including materials, methods, colour, design, and technical process. The videos are led by noted Canadian marbler Shelagh Smith. Her method of teaching is aimed at the complete novice, but the comprehensive presentation will appeal all level of experience with an interest in the subject.

The Independent Stream for Marbling consists of approximately 3 hours of videos in MP4 format and a 160-page PDF manual. The materials will be provided for download from the Thinkific platform.

While the emphasis is on watercolour marbling, there are short sections on oil colour, acrylic, and gouache marbling, and marbling on fabric, clay, and wood. The manual also provides recommended reading and suppliers lists.


- Art hazards
- What is marbling?
- Suminigashi
- Ebru
- Conditions affecting marbling
- Record keeping
- Marbling basics: technical outline, set-up, tools, and equipment
- Alum
- Size: types, carrageenan, life span, cleaning off
- Other sizes: methyl cellulose, etc.
- Water
- Surfactant
- Paper
- Other substrates
- Colour: definitions, colour harmony, contrast, theory
- Types of marbling divided by media: watercolour, acrylic, oil, gouache, pigments, permanence, etc.
- Colour as it relates to marbling: bias, proportion, neutralizing, etc.
- Mixing and applying colours for marbling
- Variables affecting combing or raking
- Patterns: basic patterns and variables
- Problems and flaws


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