Restoration & Repair focuses on mechanisms causing deterioration in books, documentation, estimating costs, methods for correcting structural problems, assessing books for repair, and repair techniques.

Restoration & Repair is not a beginner's course. The workshop requires bench experience and previous knowledge of hand bookbinding, including a background of technique and terminology, the properties of paper, bookcloth and leather, textblock sewing, sewn endbands, leather paring, case binding formats, and some knowledge of book structure theory. For example, for Bookbinding 3 is a prerequisite for this workshop in-studio.

There is a distinction between the terms repair and restoration. Repair treatments are used to prevent further deterioration. Consideration is given to where the problems come from and to some solutions. Restoration is more extensive and includes documentation. Restoration may also include touch-up of rubbed colour, rebuilding of tooling for titling, and other treatments which are potentially damaging.

Restoration & Repair consists of 10 hours of videos including one video presentation each by Martha Cole (Colour Theory) and Don Etherington (The Use of Japanese Paper in Book Conservation), all in MP4 format on a USB drive, a pdf manual, and two pdf handouts from the presentations.

CBBAG would like to acknowledge the generous permission of Martha Cole and Don Etherington to use the videos of their presentations.

CBBAG does not recommend attempting to restore or repair a book of any significant value without the advice of a professional book conservator.


- Documentation and estimating costs
- Causes of deterioration of the book
- External/environmental causes of deterioration:
-Relative humidity
- Air pollution
- Internal chemistry of materials
- Natural
- Mechanical through use of materials
- Internal causes of deterioration
- Basic structures and the introduction to internal mechanical problems
- Categorization of internal mechanical problems and possible solutions
- Out of the case
-Tight back spine / tight joint problems
-Hollow back spine / tight joint problems
- Tape removal
- Guarding of folds of sections
- Paper repair
- Plates


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